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Aroma Facial

Cleanse, exfoliate, extract, mask, massage and hydrate...basic but never boring. *Inclusive of sales tax.


Glycolic facial

Best suited for congested skin and skin that's in need of a jump-start. *Inclusive of sales tax.


Collagen facial

Our most hydrating facial... plumps up, firms and tones... perfect for just before your next special event to look your very best.*Inclusive of sales tax.


Man-datory facial

Just for him... no fuss, no frou-frou - just the essentials he'll appreciate. *Inclusive of sales tax.


Here Comes the Sun facial

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant - brightens, tightens, and refines. *Inclusive of sales tax.


Beauty blast

The latest crystal-free microdermabrasion treatment reduces fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, minimizes pores and stimulates the production of collagen to give you back your glow. *Inclusive of sales tax.


Fire + Ice Facial

Fire and Ice Facial


Swedish massage

The classic...virtually melts away stress, relieves tension spots and increases circulation.


Deep tissue massage

Excellent for sports enthusiasts and those with chronic stress points...deep, penetrating pressure stimulates circulation and relieves tension, while stretches enhance flexibility.


Hot Rock Massage

An incredible experience based on ancient methods where warm, smooth river stones are expertly glided over the entire body, deftly worked to penetrate the muscles and left in place on stress points to melt away areas of tension, increase circulation and lull you into a deep, relaxed state.


Mama massage

Just what the doctor ordered...get comfy on a special “tummy-friendly” table. Soothes away muscle cramps, fatigue and increases circulation to help relieve puffiness. (not recommended during the first trimester)


Reflexology massage

Relieves stress and tension from the entire body through rhythmic manipulation of the reflex points of the feet and lower legs...a true treat for your feet. (not recommended during pregnancy)


Dream Combossage

Take a little Swedish, add a few hot rocks and sprinkle a reflexology for an exclusively dreamy hour



90 heavenly minutes of hands on bliss! There's nothing better than ninety!


Sports Therapy Massage

An extended version of classic deep tissue work; more time for specific focus on sports related issues.


NEW! Sticks & Stones Massage

The perfect combination…hot stones relax while heated bamboo sticks relieve tension


Body Scrubs

*Classic salt glow ~ Essential oil-infused salt scrub polishes and perfects. *Sugar scrub ~ Sugar and essential oil scrub is a sweeter way to glow. Ginger lemongrass scrub ~ Stimulates, energizes and firms. *Inclusive of sales tax.


Body wraps

Polish, cocoon and relax Seaweed body wrap ~ Warm mineral and vitamin enriched seaweed detoxifies, firms and tones. Dead Sea mud wrap ~ Remineralize and energizes tired, dull skin. Dream de la dream ~ The best of dream body - choose a scrub and pair it with a body wrap of your choice for an amazing experience your body won’t soon forget. *Inclusive of sales tax.


Body by dream

Dreamy finishing touches to keep your body beautiful. “Back-to-basics” ~ A back facial that takes you to the dream zone. “Life’s a beach” ~ Sunless tanning made foolproof - exfoliate, apply, buff and glow! “Tan-fastic” ~ A re-application of our tinted selftanner - you do the scrub and we do the rub! (we recommend the St.Tropez body polish). *Inclusive of sales tax.


Cloud Nine

A full day of extreme dream. Includes *dream facial customized to your skin type, a detoxifying *body treatment with aroma shower, dream combossage,and a manicure/pedicure A delightful spa lunch is included. *Inclusive of sales tax.


Wake up call

A wonderfully relaxing half day of dream includes a *dream facial, swedish massage, manicure and pedicure and a tasty spa lunch *Inclusive of sales tax.


Dream Essentials

A 30 minute Swedish massage, followed by a *mini facial and finished with our *essential blowdry; all of our essentials in 1 1/2 dreamy hours! *Inclusive of sales tax.


Scrub, rub and dip

Choose our classic *salt glow or sugar scrub, add a swedish massage, end with a *warm paraffin dip for both hands and feet and voila...emerge a new, dreamier you! *Inclusive of sales tax.


Fluff, buff and puff

A delightful way to experience all that is dream. Includes an *aroma facial, swedish massage, warm paraffin hand treatment and relaxing scalp treatment. In less than three hours, we'll fluff, buff and puff you into the dream zone.*Inclusive of sales tax.


Dream a little dream

Especially for moms-to-be. A relaxing and calming maternity massage, dream facial to enhance your glow and a deep conditioning scalp treatment and blowdry. A dreamy spa lunch is included. *Inclusive of sales tax.


Dream girl

Make a date for your dream teen to enjoy a *first facial, *essential blowdry and *eyebrow shaping. A dream day she'll always remember. *Inclusive of sales tax.


Basics for the Boy

*Man-datory facial, deep tissue massage. Just the basics and just right for him. *Inclusive of sales tax.


Dream Head To Toe

The very best of all that is dream…A truly dreamy day that includes the Best of Dream in one fabulous day…a facial of your choosing, Dream Combossage and Dream Hands & Feet, finished with a visit to our salon for a customized conditioning treatment and a beautiful blowdry…accompanied by a light spa snack…heavenly! *not including fire and ice


Dream Fuzz Patrol

We are serious about de-fuzzing...


Eyebrow shaping

To frame your face


Eyebrow grooming

For essential upkeep


Eyebrow tint

To add depth and drama


Eyelash tinting

For a natural look


Dream Salon

Do you dream of beautiful hair?


The Long Version

For very unruly, frizzy, uncontrollable hair. Lasts 4-6 months, perfect for color treated hair, takes 3+ hours. Starting at


The Short Version

For mild wavy, frizzy hair. Lasts 6-12 weeks. Perfect for color treated hair, takes 1.5+ hours.



manicure *inclusive of sales tax



Pedicure *inclusive of sales tax


Hands & Feet

Treat yourself to a weekly manicure and monthly pedicure and we promise you’ll see and feel the difference. To ensure your comfort and confidence, we maintain the highest level of hygienic sterilization. Our fabulous reclining pedicure spas provide the ultimate in comfort. A soothing yet powerful whirlpool relieves tension while your back is treated to a therapeutic massage.


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